Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cowboy Quilt Top

I pieced the quilt top already. I have always heard people talk about "weekend quilts" and never believed them. I do now. This quilt top only took me 7.5 hours. I hope that it quilts up just as fast. 

In other crafty news, I am almost done with my first wood-burning project. I always wanted to do a project like this. To make it even better, I got to craft at work! It will become a key rack for all of the keys to the vehicles at work. Not too shabby, eh??

Sunday, May 19, 2013

After two weeks in California I am finally back home! I dreamed of quilting the whole time. I spent way to much time reading other people's blogs.

But luckily the wonderful people at the Sewing Asylum had an opening in their Saturday Sew Lab. I got to sew for 6 hours!

My mom guilted me into a quilt for my new baby cousin. In my defense, the baby was born while i was making the T-shirt quilt so I didn't think to make one. Also, I hit my quilting stride post T-shirt quilt.

So I decided to make a western/cowboy themed quilt for my east coast cousin. I thought it would be cute coming from the token western family member.

It is the Around the Block Quilt from

In even better news I fixed my template for the drunkards path quilt! 

So I can forge ahead on the fish quilt! Although, I do want to finish the log cabin quilt first. 

Just wish I had my sewing machine! I'd have piece the top by now!