Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I think I have more WIP's going on now than I ever have before. Some of you may be overwhelmed by this prospect, but I am excited. It feels like I am really doing it. I am actually quilting for fun and for work! I may be only on my first commission, but I hope it is the first of many.

My main WIP is my V and Co To The Point Quilt. This is my first triangle quilt and I am just over the moon with the end result!

This is the second quilt that I have quilted on my new machine. My new Juki and I have had a very slow bonding experience. I think we are finally now friends, because this quilt quilted up beautifully!

Part way through the project I purchase Machingers Quilting Gloves. OH MY GOSH! I am in love with them. They allow you so much more control of your quilt. 

Here is a close up of the quilting on the front. 

And the back. Do you ever finish quilting and almost love the back more than the quilting on the front? I do, basically every time!

I wasn't even expecting this cute little star to show up in my quilting! 

Does anyone have a better way to trim their quilts than my McGivered taped ruler system? It works for me, but every time I do it I always wonder. 

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

My First Commissioned T-Shirt Quilt

I am both excited and slightly terrified to start working on my first commissioned T-Shirt Quilt. It is my first commissioned quilt ever! I am super excited about reaching this milestone. Yes, I realize that it may seem like a small milestone, but to me it is huge! I would love to be able to sell quilts. I know that there are some women who are very successful at this, but I think to the rest of us in quilt-land this seems impossible. I have never let the impossible or the word 'No' get in my way so here we go!

Now I just have to cut into Jesse's precious T-Shirts. Eeek, and I thought it was hard to cut into my own! This quilt is being made for one of my dear friend's boyfriends. I have a feeling he will like whatever I make him, but it is still a little nerve-racking! Here's to going for it! What have you all decided to go for this week?

I have only made one other T-shirt quilt and that one was for me. (Shown above) It is the only quilt that I have kept. Isn't it funny how we spend so much time and rarely keep our quilts?

Last but not least a slap on the back for me, because I actually managed to machine bind a project!! Cute little table runner that I get to keep!

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Flying Geese for Days

I feel like I have been sewing my flying geese blocks together for days. Oh wait, I have been! I did all the coral FG first and finished those a couple of days ago. Today I sat down to sew the red FG into rows and was astounded by how much quicker they went together. What took me 5 hours last time only took me an hour and a half today.

I even managed not to cut any points off. I realized that I should sew my FG together so that I can see the point. Then just make sure you sew to the outside of where your previous stitches cross. 

I love chain piecing, even for bigger pieces. I think it changed my life.

Here are all my pretty FG! So many of them. I realized that I may have drawn out my design incorrectly. I wanted my FG to go horizontally across the quilt. I think I accidently designed it so that they would go vertically. Oh well, it is the first quilt that I have designed myself. 

Sashing is up next!

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