Thursday, November 7, 2013

I moved! yay! It feels so good to be out of Phoenix and in Flagstaff. So I am not quite set up to sew yet.  Maybe tomorrow or saturday. In the meantime, it has been so much fun being part of the Blogger's Online Quilt Festival that Amy is putting on at Amy's Creative Side! Other people have finally found my wee little blog. It feels so good to have people, that I do not know, tell me that my quilt looks nice. Sometimes I think my family and friends feel obligated to say it looks good. So thanks everyone!

I took advantage of finally having my own place to decorate, and made this!

I got all the supplies on sale at Joann's and Michael's. I had a 50% coupon so I bought extra burlap. Well I used very little to cover the wreath so I have almost a yard extra! Eek! At least I got it on sale, but guess I will have to come up with another burlap project! 

I even used a little bit of scrap fabric from my T-shirt Quilt!!

And just for fun my new baby cactus! Isn't he cute!

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