Wednesday, May 21, 2014

No internet woes!

Hello blogland I have missed you so!

It has been forever since my last blog post! In that time I have moved back down to Phoenix for this years fire season. I am rooming with a friend and she unfortunetly does not have internet.
Hence, no blogging.

But life is all not bad because.......

Ta da! She is all mine!!! I am so excited to have a new machine!
I have wanted a Juki for a year and finally took the plunge and bought one! I got it from a local store in Phoenix. They were so sweet and even gave it to me at the sale price. We have been so busy at work with fires that I have not gotten to use it very much. But on my last day off I sewed for 7 hours!!

Look at all the flying geese I sewed up!

I saw someone do this on their blog to keep their blocks organized! What a great idea! 50 plates for a dollar! Gotta love the dollar store.

All of my friends seem to be having babies at once and I have four quilts that I need to hurry up and make. I am not sure if I am going to have time this summer do make them! But at least now I can attempt to free motion quilt!!

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