Sunday, June 2, 2013

Work Project Finished

I have not been able to quilt for over a week now and I am quite sad. Especially, since I made so much progress sewing on my last days off. Fire season has picked up which is good for the pocket book, but bad for my quilting.

BUT..... Last time I posted I shared a picture of the car-key rack that I was making for my hotshot crew. Today I finished it and it is currently hanging on the wall in use!

Here is a picture of the sign finished, but without the hooks. Personally I think it looks the best like this. But without the hooks it isn't serving any purpose.

Here it is on the way with the hooks. I wish the hooks weren't silver because they kind of ruin the rustic feel. But coworker picked them up at the hardware store and I didn't get a say in the color. Although, I should give myself some more credit because it still looks awesome! Especially considering that I have never done a wood burning project before. 

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