Monday, August 5, 2013

Best Friend Best Press!

Best Press is officially my new best friend. As you all have seen (or may not have) I have struggled with my Drunkards Path Goldfish Quilt. It has kicked my butt from day 1. But today I finally had the upper-hand and won.

14 of 21 Fish Complete!

I had to press the little squares as much as I could because some of them were just barely big enough. Luckily, all the women at 35th Sew and Vac convinced me to use Best Press. It is amazing. Not only was I able to get the squares in to the right shape, but they held their shape. The pieces were much easier to sew. 

I have to go back and remake some pieces. The pile on the left still need mates. That will have to wait till I get back from my next fire assignment. At least they have the new cutting mat and rotary cutter I nought today to keep them company. 

My next baby quilt is supposed to come to life from this jelly roll. I am thinking a Rail Fence Pattern. 

Any suggestions?

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