Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July Lull and Too Much Quilting?

We are in our July lull at work, so I have had a lot more time to work on my projects lately. In fact, I am getting a little bored of just quilting. I don't really have anything to do in Phoenix but my job and quilt. It's hard to find a life here when I am gone all the time for work! Oh well, I guess keep quilting.

Anyway first off I had an awesome goodwill find last weekend. I have been wanting margarita glasses like these for years now! And I found four of them!

On my last days off I made my binding and sewed it on the front of the quilt. I really struggled with the binding. I wasn't expecting to but did. I hate when things you know how to do end up kicking your butt.

It was even cool enough last night that I could sit outside and quilt. I do not recommend working with a quilt on your lap in a Phoenix summer though. 

The binding fabric is barbed wire. Its a little hard to tell from a distance, but up close it looks really cool. 

I tried really hard not to buy fabric, and I failed. But how cute! I think it will make a really cool kinda modern girls baby quilt. I really want to open it, but it looks so cool like this!

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