Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I have a problem, its called quilting. I can't stop! I don't even write on my blog anymore because I am just doing so much quilting! I really do not know how some of you spend so much time blogging! All my time spend working has not been for nothing. I am excited to share my WIP with you all today.

Ta-da! This is a commissioned T-shirt quilt for my friend Jesse! It always seems daunting to pic fabrics for guy quilts, but I actually found some I like. I just hope my quilting goes as well as the piecing. 

I pieced the back with extra T-shirts and fabric. I wasn't originally going to put in the sashing along the T-shirts, but I realized I needed a few extra inches. The charcoal fabric is going to be the binding. Lucky me that I bought extra. Side note, I am really in love with charcoal these days.  

I even incorporated my logo into the piecing. This is the first time that I have tried this. I am in love!

I was really nervous about lining up my quilt back and top correctly when basting. I busted out a technique that was shown to me a few years ago. Place pins halfway down all four sides of both the back and the top. Then line those up when you lay out your quilt to baste. So far it looks like it worked!

I decided to also quilt in grey. These were the options that I had on hand.

So far I am liking the quilting! Let's hope I don't mess it up too badly. Sure is nice quilting with my big desk and Juki!

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  1. Great tip about lining up the front and back! I know what you mean about quilting time and blogging time! I would much rather be sewing but I do enjoy chatting with all of you and love the inspiration! Like this!

    1. Thank you. I enjoy chatting with people too. I think as a new blogger it can be a little discouraging putting so much time into blogging and not having my blog read very often. But I am so glad that you stopped by today!

  2. That's a good tip. I have a pieced back coming up and I'll try that. Report back how well the t-shirt quilt does with quilting. I was afraid to even try with my machine and that bulky thing.

    1. Ok so far the quilting is going only ok. I spray basted it and put in a pin in the middle of each quilt block. My first t-shirt quilt I only pinned it together. The pinning I think works way better. A couple of my T-shirts are pulling away from their interfacing. When i quilt over those the t-shirt moves and bunches up. Also, on my first one I quilted in the ditch and then a line down the middle of each block. I would recommend that as a good quilting method.