Friday, March 6, 2015

I loved QuiltCon!

I know many of you went to Quiltcon, and those of you who didn't are probably really sick of seeing photo after photo that the rest of us took. I promise that I will not photo bomb you! Quiltcon was my first quilting conference or any large quilting event of any kind. I was a little afraid that I would go and feel very inadequate. I was so excited that the complete opposite happened. I have never been so excited and encouraged to be a quilter!!

My mom and sister decided to join me for the conference. They had a blast! 

I did come away with some nice fabric. I was two blocks short on this mini and was so excited to find a matchingtiny polka dot fabric to finish it off! I love it! Although, after I put it on my wall I realized that I have half of a chevron at the bottom and it looks stupid....oh well! Mini's are always a great way to learn!

Here is the rest of my fabric loot. So purrty!

If any of you are hesitant about joining any part of the quilting community I highly suggest you just do it! I have never met a more welcoming and genuine group of people. I hope to see you all at the next Quiltcon and somewhere in blogland!

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