Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Drunkards Path Woes

I was really excited when I found a quilt pattern that had goldfish on it! I thought it would be a great quilt for my friend who isn't finding out the sex of her first baby. I also thought it wouldn't be to hard. WRONG! It uses a drunkards path template. That template is the most elusive template in all of quilting! On top of not being able to find it, most people that I have talked to have avoided making any quilts with it!

So I had to make my own template.

The print out of the template that came with the pattern was incorrect. So I had to draw my own. I thought I did it right. And I cut over 200 pieces of fabric by hand. 

The Sewing Asylum taught me how to sew the curved seam. Which turns out to be the least frustrating part of this quilt!

As you can see my "inside" piece is too small! Now I have to make a new template and cut all new "inside" pieces. Luckily I have extra fabric, but I am not looking forward to it. 

Keep your fingers crossed that next time I post the pieces all fit together properly!

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