Thursday, December 12, 2013

Climbing Rope Door Mat

I have had this old climbing rope for years. It has literally been put into storage three times! When I moved to AZ I gave myself and ultimatum, either make it into a rug or throw it away. So that night I googled it and made it. Here are some photos!

I followed directions here.

Old climbing rope
Staple Gun
Caulk, super strong glue, or some really strong/durable sticky something!
Duct tape

Ok so some directions say use needle and thread to hold your rope together as you turn in around into a spiral. I say nonsense! Use a staple gun! But use lots of staples. My first attempt didn't stay flat. I wound the rope too tight and didn't use enough staples!

Then cover with glue. I used a piece of cardboard to spread it around. Make sure you get it in the cracks!!

Let dry over night. Then cover the bottom with duct tape. I know it is lame, but it does need a little extra on the bottom. I think they are best for indoors not out. 

And voila ! 

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