Sunday, December 15, 2013

DIY Kindle Paperwhite Sleeve

I received a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas and my birthday. I am notorious for breaking and destroying things. So I got straight to work on a fabric cover for it.

Everything is scraps but the outside. Although, I did find it in the remnants bin at Joann's!

I quilted in the ditch on the front like the pattern suggested. Can you see i followed the cream zig-zag line for the back?

Things I Learned:

- My lining is a tad too big. Maybe I should have used a quilting cotton instead of a thin flannel. But it is super thin!

- The interfacing on the lining is awkward to work with. I think i should have trimmed my 1/4 inch seem on the lining down a little. I definitely have wrinkles on the lining that are not cool!

- I thought the soft fuzzy flannel would be nice to protect my kindle, but I think it is harder for the kindle to slide with it. I guess it if keeps it from sliding out it is a good thing.

So I fixed it! (Well part of it)

I pulled the lining out and seam ripped the last seam that closes the opening. Then I just stuck my scissors in the hole and sniped some of my 1/4 seam! Then sewed up the hole! It is definitely a little bit roomier in there now! YAY!

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