Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIP: Dinosaur Whole Cloth Quilt

My friend and coworker loves many things, but two that stand out are Dinosaurs and flannel shirts. I was in Joann's and happened to come up with the best quilt for him, well NOT him his nephew. This way his nephew always has his uncle near him. I think its cute.

Well anyway I thought so!

That is before I tried quilting shirting flannel. It sucks! I also have two big factors working against me.

1) I sure as shit did NOT spray baste the flannel side enough! No way!

Those are not straight, not even close! And I hate when the fabric comes up and is puffy!
On my last quilt the quilting was my best EVER!

2) I have a McGivered quilt guide. Let me tell you it sucks. There is no hole on my walking foot for it to slide into! So it keeps moving on me!

Electrical, masking, and a toothpick and it sucks. :(

At least from the Dinosaur side things look a little better. The basting spray worked and the fabric isn't super puffy like on the other side.

So I will power through and finished it, but don't you hate when a special gift doesn't meet your standard? 


  1. I love the dino fabric! Sometime straight line quilting is the most difficult-it's not very forgiving!

    1. It sure isn't. I did the cross hatch once before and it was easy, must be that working guide arm thing!

  2. Sorry you are struggling with the quilting. The flannel looks so soft and goes very well with the dinosaurs:)

  3. It will turn out lovely and will be loved by the recipient.