Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Finish

I am so excite to share with you all my most recent finish! I was in a time crunch so I made another whole cloth quilt. I chose to use chevron fabric again because it is so much fun to quilt chevrons. The back is a cute animal print from Joann's. 

I tried to get a nice photo of it rolled up, but alas I need to work on my photography!

I realized that the thimble I have is too small for my finger! So I made a makeshift one out of tape and moleskin! It worked only so so. Guess I need to go thimble shopping! It is so hot in Phoenix that my fingers would slide off the needle because they were so sweaty! Sigh, I cannot wait to go back to Flagstaff! 

I am so pleased with the stitch quality of my new Juki! I really like quilting with it. Although, I am really struggling with adjusting the tension! Did anyone else have trouble getting used to their Juki after they bought it? After I finished the quilting I somehow messed up the tension and had to drive all the way back to the store for them to fix it. :( Problems of a new quilter. I hope I can get the hang of adjusting the tension, if not I am going to be sad that I can't work my brand new machine. Does anyone have any advice?

I did sew on my first custom quilt label! I got them from Spoon Flower

I would love to try to sell quilts one day but don't feel that I am quite good enough yet. I figured that while I get better I should try to slowly build up some business. I got a logo made from a wonderful woman Flora Bashley on Etsy. Now I have business cards and wonderful little quilt logos! With all the wonderful quilters out there it seems far fetched that anyone would want one of my quilts. I figure that I should give it a try! 

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