Thursday, June 26, 2014

Travel Pillow

I was in Joann's the other night and stumbled upon the super cute dinosaur fabric! Who can't resist dinosaurs! My boyfriend just so happens to love dinosaurs. Yes, my 30 year old boyfriend won't stop pestering me for a dinosaur quilt! My rule with dating and quilting is NO boyfriend gets a quilt unless he puts a ring on my finger. I think its a fair rule. So instead he got to be the guinea pig for my first pillow case cover!

Sorry still no digital camera :( 

Isn't the fabric cute! Unfortunately it isn't soft. Hopefully it softens up, but I guess until then it is a good thing my BF has a beard. I even free-hand embroidered a little heart. I am not sure if he is going to like that part or not. 

I used The Texas Cottage Blog Tutorial. It was definitely a quick easy project. But I did learn a couple lessons. 

1) When she says use a half inch seam use it! I did 1/4 inch and didn't catch all the layers. So when I put the pillow in the fabric pulled away from the seam. 

2) When I sewed the hem in the photo, I did it too close to the end of the fold. I guess I should have given the raw edge a little bit of space. 

3) Use fabric softener for cheap Joann' fabric. 

The boyfriend doesn't really like presents, but I am hoping that he will use it when they are camping out on fires. I guess we shall see if it makes the cut!

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