Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Today I just woke up in the mood to get some sewing done. After yoga I came home and sewed all day! It was great :) I made good progress on Maia's quilt. Since she likes traditional quilts my goal was to make it scrappy and rustic. I think I succeeded. This is my first attempt and piecing small stars and am very happy with my success so far.

I cannot wait till I get a new camera! I am so sorry for the poor iPhone photos! Only 24 blocks to go. I was surprised by how quickly these came together. Hopefully the rest go just as smoothly. 

Close up on one of my blocks. I am trying not to be too obsessed with matching up seams. Mostly to save my stress level, but also I want it to have a rustic feel. I am very happy to say though, that most of my seams are lining up very well ! 

I do look forward to the fall when I can go back home and have all of my quilting supplies and space. Do you all like my makeshift ironing board?

I am very happy to say that my stitches are back to beautiful on my new Juki.  I do not know what I would do without so many wonderful quilt shops who continuously save me as I learn what on earth I am doing!!

Do any Juki owners have any advice for a Juki newbie?