Sunday, November 23, 2014

Piece by Piece

Slowly, but surly my new quilt room is coming together! I just put up a bulletin board. Now, you all may be saying, "Why is she so excited over a bulletin board?" I will tell you! I painted it turquoise!!! I absolutely love anything turquoise! Ta Da!!!

As usual the simple project of painting it did not turn out to be as easy and I hoped it would be. The paint would not stick to the wood because it had a shinny finish. Ladies, please please just sand the edges before you paint them. I though that I could skip this task and I was wrong. I even bought some of that "No sanding required primer". It DID NOT work! Once I sanded it, everything went great! It did take three coats to get the color to my liking.

I am super proud of myself because I hung the bulletin board all by myself! Now, this may seem like a silly thing to be proud of. But I am horrible at hanging everything! This time I hung it correctly (and level) the first try! Wahoo! Big girl in the house!

Don't fret, I have been doing some sewing too! I am preparing for a small craft show at my local gym. This will be my first craft show, so I have no idea what I'm doing! I decided to sew up a hand full of things and see what people like. Chevron burp cloths!

And some cute kids christmas aprons!!

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