Saturday, January 4, 2014

Maryland Barn Quilt Tour

Dec. 27th was my 24th birthday! Eeek! When did that happen?

Anyway, my sister didn't really want to do anything for our birthday so I decided to go on the Garrett County Barn Quilt Tour. It was quite an adventurous trip with one driver. Seven hours of driving total. Most of the drive time was spent getting to Garrett County!

But once I got there it was awesome!! Here are some photos. Sorry they are bad iphone photos (I lost my good camera :(

Double Pinwheel

The flying geese were one of my favs!

I think they called this a summer star. 

And of course since I was in Amish Country, an Amish Daliah 

I saw a few more but the photos are so bad that you cannot see the block. If you are in Maryland go check out the quilts! It was such a blast! Make sure you stop by Four Seasons Stitchery in Grantsville too!

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  1. Those barns are really cool. Thanks for sharing.