Friday, January 10, 2014

Dinosaur Quilt Finish!

Can you believe that this is the 6th quilt that I have made! Eek! A year ago now I was starting on my second one! I am so grateful to all the ladies who helped teach me to quilt (i.e. rescue me in moments of panic!) I'm actually a quilter now!

Doesn't it feel so good to accomplish the things we have always wanted to do?

Learn to Quilt = Check off my bucket list!!

Here is my finish this week!

Dinosaur front.

Flannel back. Sorry for the poor quality photos. I still need to figure out the best place to take photos in my new place. 

I definitely started liking this quilt better once I found the perfect color for my binding!

I did my first label with a marker as opposed to embroidery. My applique stitch is getting a little better!

I am giving this quilt to one of my good friends nephew. I do really hope the little guy likes it!

It always feels so good to mail off a quilt that you made. I am so excited for the next one!

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