Sunday, December 21, 2014

Snow Day Sewing

It has been a very warm December here in sunny Flagstaff, Arizona. I know most of you are probably envious of the Arizona sunshine this time of year, but I love snow! I used to live in Montana and absolutely loved winter! Needless to say, I was so excited when we finally got snow this week! 

Even better was that I was able to quilt all day long! It was one of the best snow days. Last year I found this awesome piece of fabric at Goodwill. It was just calling me to make a table runner out of it. I have never made a table nor used one. I guess this little guy was dying to be my first one!

I had cut and basted it last year, but never quilted it. I was confused on how I should do the quilting. Now for experienced quilters this might seem silly, but for me it took me a year to figure out. I pulled it out the other day and just said, "Duh!" All of a sudden it just seemed obvious. It has tons of straight lines, so I just paralleled some of them.

In retrospect I probably should have figured this out sooner. Do you guys like it? Simple, but I think it will become a nice country table runner!

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