Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WIP Wednesday: V & Co To The Point

I am very excited to share with you my WIP this evening. It is my first attempt at 60 degree triangles.  After I finished cutting today, I jumped right into piecing. In a very Maggie fashion I got a little ahead of myself and realized that the pattern instructions did not give detailed advice on pinning the triangles in place. So my first row looked like poop! So I did what I do best, and went into my LQS for help. Boy did they help! Turns out of was on the right path and just needed a tiny bit of help.

After 6 rows I think I can say that I have got the hang of it! I actually think my last row was quite good! Two more rows to go!

I'm a little surprised that I am getting everything to line up so well. If I can keep up like this, I may actually have nice points on my quilt!

The pattern had no instruction on which direction to press the seams. Does anyone else hate when patterns assume you know the small things? I looked up a tutorial online for help, and the directions for pressing the seams didn't make sense until row 6. For one row press all seams to the right, then the next row all seams to the left. Wow that should have been easy!

Nice pressed seams, finally!

The other thing I struggled with for most of the quilt is that lining up your triangles is going to depend on the direction that you pressed your seams. I do not have good photos of this. Im sorry I tried, but it is too dark in my quilting room for good photos at night. If you need help try, this tutorial

The nice lady at Odegaard's Sewing Center showed me this. If you pin parallel to your seam sewing the bias edge is easy. If you a lazy like me, you can place the pin just right so you don't need to remove it while sewing! I call this a win! 

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