Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fish quilt fights back!

Has anyone ever had their fabric stain it's self in the wash? While you are pre-washing to prevent staining? 

Well it happened to me! I bought a light blue cozy flannel from Joann's to use as the back of my fish quilt. I pre-washed it and when I took it out of the dryer I found stains! They are on both sides too! 

I have been told that I am basically screwed and the stains probably won't come out. I can salvage some of the fabric for another project, but if the stains don't come out I need a new backing! 

Sad face, I felt like I had just taken the upper hand with this damn quilt. Clearly I was mistaken.

On the bright side, I finished piecing the top to the fish quilt!

I cannot wait till I have a sewing room ! Pinning the longest side on the small table was not so much fun.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions for my stain problem?

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