Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Getting Ready for France

My parents and I are going to France next week so that my dad can achieve his lifetime goal of seeing the Normandy Beaches. Hopefully the government gets it's act together and the memorial re-opens in time for us to actually see it!!

Anywho, my mom is greatly concerned that I will be bored in France. (Maybe because she knows I don't really like France? Don't kill me people I prefer Italy!) My dad has Parkinson's disease so there will be ALOT of downtime so that my dad can rest. Hence, me needing something to do.

So I have packed seven books.

And am starting to work on some more embroidery! I really started liking embroidery when I made my quilt labels. I came up with a couple ideas that I want to do for Christmas presents. I thought what better time to do them than in France!

Pile O' embroidery projects

Stash of embroidery floss! (bad late night was only 10:30)

Am I even going to see France with all of this stuff to do?

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