Saturday, October 19, 2013

Needle point shop in Paris

My mom and I found the most wonderful needle point shop in Paris!

It is in the Left Bank District in Paris sitting just across the river from Notre Dame. 

They literally have two walls full of boxes with different colors of wool.

The colors peek out at you from the handle slot and just taunt you to buy them!!

The cotton floss was kept in this gorgeous cabinet! Ugh it was too die for! My crummy iphone doesn't do it justice!

They even had wool hanging from the staircase. 

The shop has two local painters who hand paint every single canvas in the store. They were amazing. Almost too beautiful to cover with wool!

These are a couple of my favorite designs. Unfortunately they were all very expensive. 

My mom calls it "yarn envy" when you see yarn you just gotta have, but won't buy.

If you like to needle point and are on vacation in Paris you must go here! And since it is near Notre Dame you really have no excuse!

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